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Canaan, CT High School Alumni 1933-1937 Page 3

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Canaan, CT High School Alumni 1933-1937 Page 3

Sandmeyer, Ralph—works for H. W. Breen in Cornwall Bridge, Conn.
Schreiber, Henry—is married and employed in Falls Village, Conn.
Tompkins, Betty (Pilkin)—is living in South Windsor, Conn.
Wood, Warren—is employed by the Community Service in West Cornwall, Conn.
Wyckoff, Edwin—is employed by E. B. Stone in Canaan, Conn.

Class of 1934

Adams, Leon—is employed by the U. S. Gypsum Co. in Canaan, Conn.
Contoreggi, Fred—is an automobile salesman in Great Barrington, Mass.
Couch, Dudley—is married and works for the Connecticut Power Co. in Canaan, Conn.
Curtis, Louise—is living at her home in West Cornwall, Conn.
Dean, Mafred—completes her studies at the State Teachers' College in New Britain, Conn, in June.
Dineen, Martha—works for the Silex Company in Hartford, Conn.
Emmons, Eleanor—is employed as an operator in the telephone office in Canaan, Conn.
Hotchkiss, Hazel—is a nurse at the Bristol Hospital, Bristol, Conn.
Keenan, Henrietta—is an operator in the telephone office, Canaan, Conn.
Kling, Ellen—works for Allyn Hurlburt in Cornwall Hollow, Conn.
Lane, Robert—is completing his final year at Fordham University, in New York City.
Lee, Donald—is employed by the Tilo Roofing Co. in Waterbury, Conn.
Mather, Eileen (Pratt)—is living in Canaan, Conn.
Montana, Edith—is staying at her home in Canaan, Conn.
Nelson, Etta—is a nurse in the House of Mercy Hospital, Pittsfield, Mass.
Olenik, Anna (Bolton)—is living at her home in Albany, New York.
Paul, Esther—works for the Conn. Power Company in Canaan, Conn.
Segalla, Antonio—still works in John A. Bianchi's Clothing Store in Canaan, Conn.
Segalla, Roland—is married and living in Torrington, Conn.
Smith, Margaret (Swenson) — is living in Woodstock, Vt.
Sondrini, Argentean—is employed in Rye, New York.
Sprague, Vivian—is a stenographer at the Traveler's Insurance Company in Hartford.
Taylor, Elinor—is employed by the Conn. Mutual Life Insurance Co. in Hartford.
Tierney, Lorraine—will graduate from State Teachers' College at New Britain, Conn.
Tracy, Jeanne (Cardillo)--is living at her home in Torrington, Conn.
Zucco, James—is employed by Pat Adotte in East Canaan, Conn.

Class of 1933

Beebe, Leona— graduates from Syracuse University in June.
Bianchi, Eleanor—is a nurse in the Sharon Hospital, Sharon, Conn.
Blodgett, June (Vosburgh)— is living in Wassaic, New York.
Campeglio, Josephine—is living at her home in Canaan, Conn.
Curtis, Ellen (Fax) is living in Thomaston, Conn.
Dean, Margaret—teaches Economics and Mathematics in the South Windsor High School, South Windsor, Conn.

From the 1938 Yearbook of Canaan High School.