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Holstein, IA High School Alumni 1893-1923 Page 03

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Holstein, IA High School Alumni 1893-1923 Page 03

Alumni and where they were in 1924.

Class of 1913 - continued
Milda Cizek-Wallace, Los Angeles, Cal. Leona Wheatley - Lavely, Crookston, Minn.
Class of 1914
Martha Bertelsen, Holstein, Iowa. Edna Wents-Kramer, Placientia, Cal. Ida Thielmann, deceased. Lowell Butcher, Magazine Writer, Ames, Iowa. Edward Hansen, Postmaster, Holstein, Iowa. Emma Giese-Brechwaldt, Holstein, Ia. Edna Allen-Lenz, Holstein, Iowa. Marie Anderson-Hicks, Rockwell City, Iowa
Class of 1915
John Will, Farmer, Holstein, Iowa. Edgar Rice, Working on Railroad, Omaha, Nebr. Elsie Untiedt-Stevenson, Quimby, Iowa. Betty Untiedt-Lingle, Comfrey, Mimi. Alfred Hansen, Dentist, Storm Lake, Ia. Rudolph Knuth, Farmer, Elkton, S. Dak. Elsie Faustian, Stenographer, Omaha, Nebr. Orpha Bleasdell-Butcher, Holstein, Ia. Mack Schroeppel, Mail Carrier, Schaller, Iowa.
Class of 1916
Edward Arp, Plumber, Holstein, Iowa. Leona Hansen, Holstein, Iowa. Fred Jess, Dentist, Holstein, Iowa. Emma Lemke-Lamp, Holstein, Iowa Ailegra Schroeppell-King, Schaller, Ia. Lenora Sieh-Beacher, New York City, New York. Lester Thode, Farmer, Dunburn, Sask., Canada. Hilda Thielmann, Nurse, Iowa City, Ia. Franklin Van Patten, Clothing Business, Holstein, Iowa. Lloyd Walters, Farmer, Clear Lake, Ia.
Class of 1917
Frederick Klotz, Civil Engineer, Eastern Coast. Hugh McGuire, Auctioneer, Holstein, Ia. Nina Carstensen, Clerk, North Platte, Nebr. Harry Yule, Manager of a Stock Farm, Argyle, Ill. Edna Will, Rural teacher, Holstein, Ia. Raymond Toedt, Miles, Iowa. Albert Heyde, Grand Island, Nebr.
Class of 1918
Glenn Arp, Clerk, Holstein, Iowa. Wilbur Hansen, Furniture Business, Holstein, Iowa. Edith Greve, Teacher at Sioux City, Holstein, Iowa. Robert Steffen, Depot Clerk, Holstein, Ia Walter Klotz, Oil Salesman, Holstein, Ia. Alfred Schuett, Farmer, Holstein, Iowa. Leonard Lohff, Insurance, Des Moines,
Class of 1919
Edna Pieper-Roehr, Sioux City, Iowa. Edna Jess, Holstein, Iowa. Fred Michaelsen, Fanner, Ida Grove, Ia. Blanche Cooley, Holstein, Iowa. Edgar Bleasdell, Holstein, Iowa. Annetta Hansen, Holstein, Iowa. George Hutton, Pressman, Long Beach, Cal. Vera Rice-Peterson, Omaha, Neb.
Class of 1920
Pearl Bagenstos, Student at Iowa City, Holstein, Iowa. Jennie Johnson, Holstein, Iowa. Dorothy Thielmann, Student at Cedar Falls, Holstein, Iowa.

Alumni Roster from the 1924 Moo Yearbook of Holstein High School

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