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Holstein, IA High School Alumni 1893-1923 Page 04

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Holstein, IA High School Alumni 1893-1923 Page 04

Alumni and where they were in 1924.

Class of 1920 - continued
Geneva Steffen, Teacher at Clyinder, Holstein, Iowa. Mildred Williamson, Student at Ames, Ames, Iowa. Dolly Fritz, Holstein, Iowa. Hilda Sindt, Stenographer, Holstein, Ia. Elfrieda Hueschen-Mighell, Holstein, Ia. John Winter, Chief Clerk at Union Station, Sioux City, Iowa. Roland Mighell, Student at Ames, Holstein, Iowa.
Class of 1921
Arthur Meyer, Dairy Business, Holstein, Iowa. Dorothea' Forthmann, Teacher at Parkersburg, Holstein, Iowa. Alice Mighell, Pharr, Texas. Margaret Mighell, Rural Teacher at Holstein, Iowa, Pharr, Texas. Frances Hansen, Student at Iowa City, Holstein, Iowa. Evelyn Crane, Student at Iowa City, Holstein, Iowa. Hulda Neubauer-Wink, Moville, Iowa. Viola Bleasdell, Holstein, Iowa. Stephen Langkammerer, Linotype Operator, Iowa City, Iowa. Ruby Johnson, Holstein, Iowa. Helen Johnson, Holstein, Iowa. Margaret Jess, Student at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa. Edward McGuire, Student, Chicago, Ill. Holstein, Iowa. Elnora Eden, Clerk, Holstein, Iowa. Minnie Brechwaldt, Clerk, Holstein, Ia. Bernetta Kopplin, Rural Teacher, Holstein, Iowa. Luella Schmidt, Rural Teacher, Holstein, Iowa. Florence Lamp, Holstein, Iowa. Sidney Williams, Clerk, Holstein, Iowa.
Class of 1922
Clarence Eden, Holstein, Iowa. Carl Langkammerer, Student at Iowa City, Iowa, Welcome, Minn. Bertha Faden, Student at Cedar Falls, Holstein, Iowa. Margaret Williamson, Student at Ames, Ames, Iowa. Alice Hueschen, Student at Cedar Falls, Holstein, Iowa. Harry Meyer, Farmer, Holstein, Iowa. Gladys Peterson, Holstein, Iowa. Frances Price, Student at Des Moines, Holstein, Iowa. Frances Cooley, Rural Teacher, Holstein, Iowa. Laura Lette-LaRocque, Indianapolis, Ind. Elwayne Peterson, Clerk, Holstein, Iowa. William Bauer, Clerk, Holstein, Iowa. Edna Hansen, Student at Cedar Falls,
Class of 1923
Yula Mighell, Pharr, Texas. Harriette Van Patten, Studying Music, St. Paul, Minn. Wendell Crane, Student at Iowa City,' Holstein, Iowa. Rayrnen Wienert, Student at Iowa City, Holstein, Iowa. Frances Kuehnle, Student at Cedar Falls Holstein, Iowa. John Hass, Student at Washington, D. C. Holstein, Iowa. Alvena Faden, Rural Teacher, Holstein, Iowa. Herbert Knuth, Student at Mankato, Minn., Holstein, Iowa. Bernadine Prawl, Sioux City, Iowa. Lester Bauer, Bookkkeeper, Holstein, Ia. Winifred Mighell, Holstein, Iowa. John Palmer, Clerk, Holstein, Iowa. Fred Lohff, Working on Farm, Holstein, Iowa. Salina Rice, Holstein, Iowa. John Lohff, Student at Des Moines, Holstein, Iowa. Eugenia Schoer, Rural Teacher, Holstein, Iowa. Bernice Agnew-Jones, Quimby, Iowa. Lillian Wulf, Clerk, Holstein, Iowa. Edward Schippman, Clerk, Holstein, Ia. Edward Hass, Holstein, Iowa.

Alumni Roster from the 1924 Moo Yearbook of Holstein High School

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