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Erie, Pennsylvania

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Erie PA

  • Public School No. 7, Erie, PennsylvaniaErie, PA High School Yearbooks part of the US School Yearbook collection at ancestry.com.  Search or browse the yearbooks. 
  • Erie,  PA Public Schools - A brief history of the public schools of the City of Erie, Pa. Read the book online at ancestry.com.
  • Erie, PA Schools A history of the school district of the city of Erie, Pa., 1795-1970 Read the book online at ancestry.com.
  • Academy High School
  • Erie, PA High School 1918 Basketball TeamErie High School
    • Erie, PA High School 1917 Football Team online from familyoldphotos.com. Includes Chauncey Cook, John Sullivan, Victor Wright,Thomas O'Dea, Everett William Benson, Mr. William E. Dimorier, Arthur W. Turner, Charles Hooper, Clyde Shaner, James Devine, Robert Hamilton, Louis McMahon, Max Schoenfield, D. G. Evans, Theodore Nagle, William Hamilton, John Fries.
    • Erie, PA High School 1918 Basketball Team Photo online from familyoldphotos.com. Includes Coach Evans, Bohn, Fries, Wells, Benson, Mr. Detmers, MacCauley, Turner, Shaner.
    • Erie High School, Erie, Pa.Erie, PA High School Faculty 1916 Photo online at familyoldphotos.com. Includes Charles L. Arnold, G. Pearl Badger, Jessie M. Berst, Ross E. Bowers, Marion Bryce, Florence Burger, Kathryn D. Cantlon, Frank T. Chamberlain, Faye S. Cleveland, Johanna Connell, Walter H. Detmers, William E. Dimorier, Beatrice R. Edmonds, Elizabeth Fassett, Charles A. Fisher, Elmer G. Frail, Alice E. Gaggin, Gertrude H. Gaggin, Mary Gillespie, Roy B. Graves, G.G. Von Der Groeben, Cora Emma Haller, Florence E. Hay, Hazel Hedges, Edith E. Hirt, E. C. Houser, Margaretta C. Jones, Carrie Hart Kendall, Florence Chase Lamb, Jessie C. Leigh, Ruth S. Maclure, Alice M. Mehnert, Martha B. Mong, George O. Moore, Mabel J. Moorhead, Edgar S. Morris, Guy Morrison, Melvin E. Morse, F.O. Pinks, M. Frances Pinney, Carl C. Rader, Christine V. Randall, Harold M. Schabacker, Hattie M. Schabacker, Anna G. Sheehan, Gladys E. Short, Cora A. Smith, Harry E. Stone, R.R. Stuart, Mary L. Supplee, Carter W. Trow, G.E. Wallace, W.V. Zahniser.
    • Erie, PA High School Glee Club 1916Erie, PA High School Glee Club 1916 Photo online from familyoldphotos.com. Includes Dr. Charles G. Woolsey, Richard Densmore, Frank Schauble, Kenneth Thompson, Homer Eaton, Charles Hooper, Abe Emerman, Donald Hoig, Richard Scobell, Donald Trow, William Carney, Charles Hopper, Harry Goldstein, Harry Rathburn, Nason Eldridge, Kenneth May, Wallace Wakefield, Clarence Mack, Alfred Sapper, Norman Soble.
    • Erie, PA High School Orchestra 1916 Photo online from familyoldphotos.com. Includes Grace Albracht, Everett Hampel, Irwin Krueger, Emmett Wilson, Mark Goff, Harvey Sutton, George Straksy, Max Rosin, Jennette Foster, Ruth Heywang, Eleanor Eighmy, Clayton Root, Eugene Cooper, Kenneth May, Prof. F. T. Chamberlain, John Hogan, Kermit Hemple, Harry Hill, Dr. Charles G. Woolsey.
  • Villa Maria Academy, Erie, PA Junior Class 1927McDowell High School
  • Villa Maria Academy