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Hadley - Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

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Hanover PA

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Harmony PA

  • Seneca Valley High School Yearbooks, selected years, are available to view at the Zelienople Area Public Library.  While the yearbooks are not online, the library may be able to help you locate the information you are looking for.  More information

Harrisburg PA

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Hickory PA

Hickory Township Lawrence Co PA

  • Hickory Township, Lawrence County, PA Hickory Heights School from lawrencecountymemoirs.com includes photos
    • Faculty 1951-52 with Stevens, McCleary, Carrick, McCreary, Duncan, Kerr, Raab
  • Hickory Township, Lawrence County, PA Laurel High School from lawrencecountymemoirs.com shows many school photos including
    • Relay Squad 1963-64
    • Football Team 1964 with Cwyner, Glenn, Sickafuse, Crowe, Daugherty, Jaworsky, Parker, Jarrett, Powell, Metz, Quimby, Okomski, Glenn, Caldararo, Pagley, Parker, Taylor, Walters, Cooper, Roth, Wertz, Drespling, Glenn, Allison, Miles, Harris, Link, Morrison
    • Baseball Team 1964-65 with Calararo, Cook, Roth, Drespling, Lee, Lombardo, Miller, Polenick, Roth, Dougherty, McAnany, Crowe, Parker, Lombardo, Mr. Hassan
    • Chorus 1965 with Mr. Richard Morrison

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