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Sebastopol - Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

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Shenango Township, Lawrence County PA

  • Shenango Township Consolidated School from lawrencecountymemories.com includes these photos:
    • Football Team 1937 with Jack Thomas, coach Frank Nocera and principal Glenn Johnston
    • Junior Class 1937-38 with Booher, Kennedy, Mooney, McConahy, Pavlich, Pitzer, Stolitca, Woloszyn
    • 10th Grade Class 1937-38
    • Girls Basketball Team 1937-38 with Anne Stolitca and Coach Ms. Frances Boozer
    • Orchestra 1937-38
    • Football Team 1940 with Bob Denny, John Dudash, Coach Frank Nocera
    • High School Band 1940-41
    • Basketball Team 1940-41 with Coach Frank Nocera, Andy Semansky, Earl Covert, Elmer Houk
    • Seventh Graders 1948-49 with Miller, Zornes, Swoggers, Zurasky, Benson, Currie, Reno, Omer, Cooper, Frazier, Shoaff, Bessell, Prestopine, Warsing, Peluso, Shaffer, Koski, Kelly, Cangy, Wallace, McCormick, Walters, Peterson, Nagle, McCrumb, Quaterson, Harvey, Ross, Jinks, Pearson, Martwinski, Perdue, Wolosyn, Aiken, Maxwell, Thompson, Martucci, Feola, Richt, Dietrich, Chapman, McConahy, Morris, Weller, Moyer, Matthews, Feil, Nagel, Vanhorn, Rice, Weimer, Kalajainen, Zehner, Proch, Bowman, Clark, Gogee, White, Marsh, Overbeck, Eidenire, Durst, Reitz, Oskowski, Wisherman, Newton, Gibson, Irvine, Anderson, Richeck, Mitchell, Mr. Houk, Mrs. Morrison
    • Football Team 1950 with Thomas Sovensky, John Susko, Angie Morrone, Johnny Allen, Fritz Duckworth
    • Junior Class 1950-51
    • Band 1950-51
    • Basketball Team 1950-51 with Champ, Johnny Allen, Feil, Badger, Charles Morrone.
    • and other photos of the school, teachers and students

Shippensburg PA