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Port Allegany, PA High School Class of 1918 Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on January 27, 2010 - 3:59am


Class of 1918 photographed when they were Freshmen in 1915.


In the class and probably in the photograph:
Alice Wennerstrom, Ivah Harris, Agnes Reynolds, Ila Meeker, Bernice Meyers, Louise Johnson, Bert Romanio, Lucy Huggler, Cecil Hazen, Letha Burr,Cecilia Bly, Leona Cady, Carold Upthgrove, Leo Simons, Dorothy Reznor, Mabel McKenna, Dorothy Fortner, Marcella Cauley, Edna Laymon, Melker Hermanson, Frank Headd, Martin Larrabee, Floyd Case, Marie Caussain, Frances Green, Naomi Jacklin, Guy Crooks, Ruth Dolloway, George Gehring, Frank Miller,
Grace Phalin, Rose E. Naegley, Genevieve Cook, Rose M. Naegely, Harold Catlin, Virginia Bishop, Harold O'Connor, Vada Burt, Harry Greer, Wilkin Lauer, Irene Johnson, Walter Carlson, Ivar Carlson