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McClellandtown, PA German Twp High School Class of 1921

Alumni and where they were in 1928.

Blasotti, Mario, Masontown, Pa.
Butler, Heiman, McClellandtown, Pa.
De Priest, Harry, Masontown, Pa.
Flintosh, John, New Salem, Pa.
Franks, Anna, Leckrone, Pa.
Gault, Jessie (Rider), Uniontown, Pa.
Hague, Mary, Ronco, Pa.
Harpas, Irene, Jew Jersey.
Hoover, Thomas, Uniontown, Pa.
Kelley, Clara, McClellandtown, Pa.
Lee, Clara Belle, Masontown, Pa.
Mechling, Josephine, (Kennison), Monarch, Pa.
Moser, Frank, Uniontown, Pa.
Ramsay, Wade, Uniontown, Pa.
Rider, Ruth, McClellandtown, Pa.
Riffle, Harry. Smithfield, Pa.
Walek, Eva, Masontown, Pa.
Thompson, Richard, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Crumrine, Audley, Deemston, Pa.

Alumni Notes from the 1928 Yearbook of German Township High School

McClellandtown, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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