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Egypt, PA Whitehall High School Class of 1908

J. L. Eisenhard - valedictorian
N. F. Yoder - salutatorian
Ira D. Pennypacker, Fullerton
Wayne E. Goldsmith, Hanover
Claude C. Fogelman, Cementon
Paul A. Bartholomew, West Catasauqua
Miriam S. Porter, Hokendauqua
Hannah I. J. Marcks, West Catasauqua
Robert J. Leb [or Leh], Egypt
Job L. Vaughn, Packer Hill
George A. Bear, West Catasauqua
Elsie M. Snyder, Fullerton
Lizzie A. Laury, Ormrod
Mabel L. Danner, West Catasauqua
Raymond C. Long, Mickley's

Class roster extracted from "Graduation at Whitehall," in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 30 May 1908