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McKeesport, PA High School Class of 1915 and Where They Were Years Later

108 Students graduated from McKeesport High School in 1915.  The Class Roster gives the names of the students.  Later yearbooks look back on the students at chronicle what they were doing and where they were living in various years.

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Miss Nellie Johnston, who has aided the Alumni editors greatly in gathering newsof her class, offers this bit of information. "In the graduation class of 1915, 108 Seniors left M. H. S. to launch their boats on the sea of life. Of this class Ethel Baker, Ruth Dahlman, Madeline Miller. Geneva Millington, Anna Morlock, Mary McCawley, Rachel Roman, Alice Pollock,Grace Guffey, and Nellie Johnston follow the simple art of teaching."

Helen Byers is now a secretary at the Seamless Company, at which place Charles Steelburg is also employed.

W. Erickson holds down a position with the Westinghouse Electric Co.

In the office of the American Tin Plate Co., you will find Dora Johnston serving as secretary.

The following hold responsible clerical positions: Grace Lind, Smith's Floral Shop; Della Ohrman, Kopper Co., of Pittsburgh: John Volk, Carnegie Steel Works, Sharon.

The class is well represented in the Junior High Faculty ; James C. Calhoun, Oscar Carlson, and Sarah Gorzo.

Harry Nordfelt and Conrad Stone are following the vocation of Chemists, while Edward Rotheran is becoming a well-known dentist

Ellen Oden has dedicated her life to mission work. Thus, we see the class has entered practically every vocation of life, helping to aid their day and generation.

From the 1923 Yough-A-Mon Yearbook of McKeesport High School