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McKeesport, PA High School Class of 1916 and Where They Were Years Later

109 Students graduated from McKeesport High School in 1916.  The Class Roster gives the names of the students.  Later yearbooks look back on the students at chronicle what they were doing and where they were living in various years.

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Where They Were in 1924


Walter Childs is now in St. Peters­burg, Florida.

Dr. Vankirk E. Fehr graduated from the University of Pittsburghin 1923. Fehr is now a practising dentist in the Peoples' Bank Building.

Adelaide Klein married Robert Wil­liard and moved to Los Angeles, Cali­fornia.

Howard Hodgson is an electrician.

Arthur Means is a clerk in the En­gineering Department of the P. & L. E., Pittsburgh.

Oscar Carlson is preparing for the ministry at Gettysburg. He taught algebra for two years in the Junior High.

Frank Wolfe, star athlete and for­mer head coach of Waynesboro College, is now director of athletics in a high school in West Virginia.

Ralph Pitzer is a clerk in the First National Bank of McKeesport.

Milton Reiter is now residing at Detroit, Michigan.

From the 1925 Yough-A-Mon Yearbook of McKeesport High School

Where They Were in 1925


Tillie Hughes, for several years a well-known teacher in the local schools, is now Mrs. Richards.

Albert Kunze has become a violin teacher of note and a well-known musician of this city. He entertains the students at least once a year at chapel exercises.

Maude Parker is now living at Dormont, teaching in the Pittsburgh schools.

Among the members of this class who are teaching in our grade schools we find Sara Penney, Elfreda Buhlier, Hannah Berger, Ruth Larson and Helen Cameron.

From the 1925 Yough-A-Mon Yearbook of McKeesport High School

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