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McKeesport, PA High School Class of 1918 and Where They Were Years Later

146 Students graduated from McKeesport High School in 1918.  The Class Roster gives the names of the students.  Later yearbooks look back on the students at chronicle what they were doing and where they were living in various years.

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Margaret Fleming is now Mrs. George Ramsay, wife of the famous basketball star.

Helen Tyson, formerly a teacher in our grade schools, is now a teacher in the local high school.

Alma Doehla and Charles Teemer, both prominent members of this class, were some­time ago united in marriage. "Chuck" assisted Coach McFeaters with the football last fall.

Another member of this class, who is at present teaching in McKeesport, is Vera Trimble. Vera is a drawing teacher in the grade schools.

At M. H. S. we find Lois Caughey and Harry Carlson. Miss Caughey teaches Sopho­more history and Mr. Carlson is a member of the Science staff.

Bernard Volk is now working for his father learning the undertaking business.

Marlin Ross teaches history in the Clairton High School, Clairton, Pennsylvania.

From the 1925 Yough-A-Mon Yearbook of McKeesport High School

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