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McKeesport, PA High School Class of 1920 and Where They Were Years Later 

197 Students graduated from McKeesport High School in 1920.  The Class Roster gives the names of the students.  Later yearbooks look back on the students at chronicle what they were doing and where they were living in various years.

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Where They Were in 1925


Ernest Cramblet is employed at the offices of the "Cramblet Printing Company".

Alvin Sieber is a student of Ursinus, being president of the 1925 class.

Among those making up the faculty of M. H. S., we find two graduates of the class of '20: Edith Briggs and Elizabeth Dunlap, both members of the English department.

Gladys Murphy and Samuel Briggs, both members of the class of '20, are married; Sam is in the contracting business with the Cannon Contracting Company.

Walter Willig is employed at the Hunter and Edmundson Undertaking Parlors. Walter recently passed the state examination for embalmers.

Those of the class of '20 teaching in the grade schools are :—Sarah Butz, Joanna Connelly, Emma Trostle, Anna Wampler, and Florence Rhodes

Rudolph Carlin, president of the class of  '20, serves as salesman at J. Harry Sieberg's haberdashery.

Margaret Black, graduated in the class of  '24 from University of Michigan and received her A. B. degree. Since graduation she has become the wife of J. M. Steckman. They reside in Detroit, where Mr. Steckman has a fine position.

Donald Baldridge, star football player while at Tech, is connected with the Moon agency, this city.

Eugene Ritenour recently joined a life partnership with Mercedes Elsie Hill, of Mc­Keesport.

From the 1925 Yough-A-Mon Yearbook of McKeesport High School

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