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  • Grand County High School Yearbooks 1938, 1961-1985 selected years online from Skaloosa.com
  • Grand County High School 1938 Girls Basketball Team Photo online at familyoldphotos.com including Lorena Taylor, Elsie Mae Knight, Beatrice Garcia, Venice Loveridge, Marjorie Reid, Ruth Brown, Allien Burr, Donna Mae Shummway, Donna Ann Taylor, Mary Jane Baldwin, Lorraine Pace, unknowns.
  • Grand County High School Class of 1938 Photo online from familyoldphotos.com includes Rosie Archuletta, Angus Beeson, Ned Brown, Vincent Bush, Bob Baldwin, Cecil Burr, Pat Dalton, Veone Dalton, La Var Duncan, Beatrice Garcia, Evelyn Harbison, Venice Loveridge, Lily Murphy, Dorothy Merz, Phyllis Peterson, Jacque Rankin, Marjorie Reid, Eben Scharf, Deone Skewes, Guy Taylor, Max Taylor, Marx Weech, Mark Walker, Bernice Williams
  • Grand County High School Class of 1939 Photo online from familyoldphotos.com includes Bettie Jo Baldwin, Allien Burr, Douglas Christensen, Irene Davis, Neldon Day, Kenneth Du Bois, Oliver Huffman, Donna Johnson, Floyd Johnson, Elsie Mae Knight, Faye Lance, Ruth Murphy, Ronald Pray, Richard Somerville, Melba Stewart, Louise Stocks, Lorena Taylor, Helen Marie Taylor, Imogene Tangren, Phyllis Tangren, Richard Westwood, Dick Zufelt
  • Moab High School Yearbooks part of the US School Yearbook collection at ancestry.com.  Search or browse the yearbooks. 

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